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Other countries - other customs

Each country has its own peculiarities. Every day things happen differently than what we are used to in our home country. So that the customs that are in the country to visit do not affect us, it is important to inform yourself and prepare in advance of the trip. Below we have compiled the most important information, to avoid unpleasant surprises and make your trip to Mexico a totally positive experience.


Sunrays are much stronger in Mexico than in Europe, and Europeans are not used to it. So we recommend always wearing a hat, sunglasses and putting on sunscreen even if it is cloudy. Protect yourself against mosquitoes throughout the day, especially in jungle regions. Due to varying altitudes in some regions, there can be large temperature changes. Humid and warm climate on the Pacific coast, alpine climate in the mountains with low temperatures in the winter months and in summer they reach 35 °.

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Food and drinks

The biggest risks that affect the health of tourists are gastrointestinal infections sometimes caused by drinking unpurified water or consuming unhygienic foods. Avoid open fruit juices, milk, meat that is not well cooked, or salad, fruit without shell. Use the international saying "Cook it, peel it or forget it". Above all, avoid tap water and ice cubes. The same applies when brushing your teeth. In hotels or lodges you can taste salads, fruits or juices without worry.

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Whoever travels to Mexico also wants to know its gastronomy and its typical dishes. Hotels and a variety of small restaurants are ideal for this. You can often choose between various regional dishes or even international menus. A meal in a restaurant costs approximately $ 5 to $ 25 Us. dollars. We recommend you try the wide variety of exquisite alcoholic beverages such as beer or artisan wine and of course the traditional tequila or mezcal.

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Time difference

Mexico has daylight saving time. Since 1996 the clock has been set forward one hour from the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October. Do not forget to change the time on your watch when you arrive to each city in Mexico, reconfirm with your driver or guide.


Pacific Time
- 9 Hours Northwest coast Baja California Norte, Tijuana
Mountain time
-8 hours Northwest Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Nayarit, Sinaloa and Sonora
Central time
-7 hours West coast and south All other states: Mexico City, Acapulco, Cancun, Monterrey, Veracruz
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Photographing military installations, airports, train stations, bridges, and police stations is generally prohibited. If you want to take pictures of local or indigenous people, always ask if they agree, then give a tip. Some people do not allow photos to be taken for religious reasons, others only allow it if they are paid. Take some extra storage memories with you for your photos. You should also think about an additional battery and charger for your camera.

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Phone calls

Mexico has a relatively modern telephone network. You can easily make calls to Europe from your hotel or via WhatsApp. The mobile phone network in Mexico has expanded in almost the entire country with European mobile phone standards, which means that their phones can be used. In remote parts of the country or in the mountains, reception problems may arise.

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The official currency in Mexico is the Mexican peso. You can pay cash or credit card almost everywhere. It is also recommended to bring US dollars or you can withdraw Mexican pesos directly at ATMs in larger cities. Do not forget that the technology does not always work perfectly and therefore it is possible that the cashier may not have money available or even the card may be jammed. So be prepared with multiple sources of money and don't just rely on bank cards.

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The electrical network in Mexico has a voltage of 110 volts. To charge the phone or camera, a special adapter is required. Get adapters in your home country or buy one at airports or shopping malls.

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Be sure to pack light summer clothing and warm clothing for possible cold drafts. Summer is from April to October. Winter is from November to March. When visiting churches, avoid wearing pants, short skirts, or blouses. Of course, this does not apply to sports or beach activities.

Do you have any other questions?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

More recommendations

We generally include all transfers to and from the airport or the train station. In each itinerary we indicate the services that are included (such as excursions, food and lodging)

It is important to carry your own first aid kit in which you should not miss a medicine for any stomach irritation, remember the phrase “Moctezuma’s Revenge”. We also recommend anti-mosquito spray, sunscreen with a high protection factor, “after sun” cream, disinfecting hand gel and a rain jacket.

Mexico offers in each region a wide range of handmade items. Of course you can buy them with it you help local families, who often make a living from it.

If you want to buy local handmade crafts, don’t forget to carry some Mexican pesos (MXN) in your wallet. There are no ATMs in Cerocahui and the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua. The only ATM in Creel may be out of order. We suggest you withdraw Mexican pesos at ATMs, these can be found in the main cities or in the largest airports.

Additional preparations

For your trip to the Copper Canyon, you must book the train tickets and the hotels well in advance. Hotels in this region do not have many rooms, so we recommend booking in advance, especially for high season.

Wear comfortable clothing that easily adapts to weather conditions. Be careful with temperature changes in air conditioners. In the mountains there can be sudden changes in temperature even on the same day. Wear special hiking shoes as you will be hiking a few times and your feet will be very grateful that you wear comfortable shoes.

Up to 2 large suitcases per person are allowed on board the train, as well as a piece of hand luggage and a small bag. Regarding long-distance flights and domestic flights, consider the travel conditions of each airline.

In Mexico children are always welcome. In the Copper Canyon area, parents should be very careful not to leave children alone, especially when hiking.

Additional Information

Credit cards are accepted in all hotels. Only in some small restaurants on local excursions and especially in rural areas it is not possible to pay with cards.

On board the train you must pay in cash.

We organize programs for any number of participants, from individual travelers, small groups of 8 to 12 or 100 people and incentive trips of 10 to 100 or more people.

What are the cancellation policies?

Cancellation conditions vary by region, hotel and activity. Please note our general reservation and cancellation terms and conditions before starting your trip. Which will be sent to you when you confirm your reservation.