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Cusarare - Basaseachi

During this Chihuahua, Mexico trip you will get to discover the five most impressive canyons of the Sierra Tarahumara: Cañón del Cobre - Urique - Tararecua - Batopilas and Candameña. You will also visit the second highest waterfall in Mexico: "Basaseachi". As well as visiting three Magical Towns El Fuerte, Creel and Batopilas. Delve into the Sierra Tarahumara exploring some of the most beautiful places to learn about the culture and traditions of the Tarahumara or Raramuri Indians that endure through time.

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Day 1

Friday: Arrival to Los Mochis and transfer to El Fuerte

Welcome at Los Mochis airport and transfer to the colonial city of El Fuerte through one of the most fertile growing regions in northern Mexico.

El Fuerte is a picturesque colonial city in northern Sinaloa. Historically, it is one of the most important and interesting places in northern Mexico. The small town has a historic center characterized by the Spanish colonial style and the Yoreme Mayo culture.

The city was founded in 1564 by the Spanish Francisco de Ibarra. In 2010, El Fuerte was awarded the name of “Pueblo Mágico” for its beauty, culture and history. You will visit the beautiful Plaza Mayor, the government palace, the museum and some historical buildings.

Overnight in El Fuerte


Day 2

Saturday: Train trip with the Chepe Express from El Fuerte to Divisadero

Breakfast and free time to explore on your own the colonial city of El Fuerte. Visit the viewpoint or the Miguel Ángel Morales Ibarra Community Museum. It shows clothing, masks and instruments used in traditional dances, as well as objects from the daily life of the Yoreme indian culture. From the second floor you can see the blueberry plantations and the river in the distance.

Optional river raft tour in El Fuerte. This tour includes a short walk to appreciate the rock carvings found on “El Cerro de la Mascara” (the hill of the mask).

Transfer to the train station. 

Your Chepe Train adventure  starts today.  As soon you depart from El Fuerte, the train crosses the longest bridge “Agua Caliente” on the route, which crosses the Río Fuerte at 499 m. The longest tunnel “El Descanso” commes after. Along the Septentrion River, you ascend into the Sierra Madre mountains. Wou will travel the most spectacular stretch of the whole train route daylight. Your stop today is Divisadero.

Arrival at the train station in Divisadero around 16:15 hours, welcome and transfer to the hotel. 

Overnight with views to the Copper Canyon

Day 3

Sunday: Transfer from the Copper Canyon to Creel

Enjoy the sunrise from your balcony or the hotel terrace, a wonderful experience.

During the excursion to the “Piedra Volada” and the “Barrancas del Cobre” national park, you will visit several viewpoints, from which you can admire the incredible landscape. Three of the largest canyons in the Sierra Madre Occidental converge here: the “Urique”, “Cobre” and “Tararecua” canyons.

The “Barrancas del Cobre” National Park is located in the heart of the Sierra Tarahumara, between the Posada Barrancas and Divisadero train stations. We recommended visiting the restaurant “Barranco” wich has a terrace and a glass floor suspended over the Copper Canyon. For those who love cycling, they can go on bike  rides among the mountains.

In the National Park you can book and pay the following outdoor activities directly.

  1. Ride on the longest cable car in Mexico (2,750 meters long) that will take you to the heart of the Copper Canyon with a view of the Urique River.
  2. Zip Rider ride. A 2,550-meter route without intermediate towers.
  3. “Via Ferrata” with rappelling practice
  4. Zip lines with 7 stations
  5. Aerial forest (Canopy)

After these activities, you will be taken back to the hotel for lunch. After lunch, then transfer by road through a landscape surrounded by montains to reach the Raramuri community of Cusarare, wich is 22 km from Creel. Here you will visit the Cusarare Waterfall with a fall of 30 mts (Visit only in rainy season Jul-Oct)

In this tour you will visit also the lake “Arareco”, the “San Ignacio” Mission and the Mushrooms, Frogs and Monks valleys

Overnight in Creel

Day 4

Monday: Transfer by car from Creel to Batopilas

Breakfast, then the adventure begins from Creel 2400 mts to the magical town of Batopilas 600 mts. Through a very winding paved road you will reach the beautiful town of Batopilas.

On the way you will pass through the old La Bufa mine. The La Bufa viewpoint, in the middle of a Tarahumara community called Quirare, has a fantastic view of the ravine and the Batopilas river.

Then drive approximately 1 hour on the historic Camino Real to the heart of the Copper Canyon. It will exceed a height difference of approximately 1836 m. Batopilas warm climate is ideal for tropical and semi-tropical vegetation. Here you will find orange, mango, avocado and papaya trees. Bougainvillea and ceibas trees can also be seen here in large numbers.

Batopilas is located in a valley through which the Batopilas River flows and is approximately 550 to 580 m high with an almost tropical climate surrounded by mountains in  northwestern Mexico in the Sierra Madre Occidental. Arrival in Batopilas in the late afternoon.

During your tour of this Magic Town, you will feel the serenity of the inhabitants, who enjoy their isolation in the Sierra Madre, without being disturbed by industry or tourism. Some of the ancient and traditional rarámuris settlements are located in the area, many of the indigenous men still wear their short skirts of “loincloths” of traditional clothing that are tied at the waist. Surely you can meet some in the main square. Stroll through the streets of this place and be part of the history of the discovery of silver deposits, which became world famous in the 18th century.

Overnight in Batopilas

Day 5

Tuesday: Trip from Batopilas to Creel

Today you will visit the Satevo Mission, wich has three domes and dates from the 17th century. The mission is located 8 km south of Batopilas. If you like to  walk. you can visit on foot and enjoy incomparable views.

Before returning to Creel, visit the ruins of the San Miguel and Shepherd Haciendas. You will experience magical moments while admiring the squares, the rock bridges of Batopilas, the river and the beautiful 19th century aqueduct belonging to the “Ruta de la Plata”.

Listen to the stories and legends about the times of Porfirio Díaz and let them impress you, they relate the discovery of the most important mines in the region in 1708.

In the afternoon return to Creel. 

Overnight in Creel

Day 6

Wednesday: Private transfer from Creel - Basaseachi - Chihuahua

After breakfast visit the regional museum and the main square  of Creel then beginning your journey from Creel to Chihuahua.

During the trip you will visit the Basaseachi National Park, where you will find the second highest waterfall 246 m wich is located in the middle of the imposing Candameña Canyon

The “Basaseachi” waterfall is created after the confluence of  “Arroyo del Durazno” and “Arroyo Basaseachi”. Wich are found in the high mountains and  plunge together in the Candameña Canyon.

Until the discovery of  “Piedra Volada” waterfall in 1994, the Basaseachi waterfall was considered the highest waterfall in Mexico. However, the Balancing Rock only flows during the rainy season, while the Basaseachi transports water throughout the year. This place is also special for bird watching.

The Basaseachi area is known for its beauty and unique rock formations. The waterfall can be seen from several viewpoints on the race route. There is also the option of walking to the falling edge of the waterfall.

After this wonderful morning, continue to Cuauhtémoc, where you will stop at the Mennonits settlement. You will visit a Mennonite family and you will learn about the culture of this successful community, which has been in Mexico since 1920.

Another scenic experience is the road trip to Chihuahua crossing desert valleys, apple and peach orchards. Arrival in Chihuahua late-night.

Overnight in Chihuahua

Note: The Basaseachi waterfall is visited during the rainy season from June to November. From December to May we visit Namurachi Canyon.

Day 7

Thursday: Departure from Chihuahua

Breakfast followed by a tour of the city of Chihuahua: through the “Zócalo”, surrounded by several colonial buildings, to other impressive places such as the Pancho Villa Museum “Hero of the Mexican Revolution”. Visit the cathedral in the city center, the governor’s palace to appreciate the  murals by Aaron Piña Mora about the history of Chihuahua.

Finally, the journey to Copper Canyon Cusarare and Basaseachi ends with transfer to the airport.

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Request the supplement for the CHEPE EXPRESS FIRST CLASS that includes gourmet food on board the Urike Domo restaurant! With pleasure we extend the itinerary so that you can visit the Magical Town of Batopilas or the archaeological zone of Paquimé in Casas Grandes!

Program: Copper Canyon "Cusarare - Basaseachi"

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