Southern Mexico – Oaxaca Magico

Southern Mexico – Oaxaca Magico


Oaxaca Southern Mexico
4 Days & 3 Nights Nature Cultural program

Excellent combination of culture and nature

Oaxaca is a melting pot of great variety of languages and ethnic groups. It has a millenary historical and cultural richness, a colonial architecture that makes this picturesque city a fascinating tourist destination. The warmth of the residents is another reason why you should consider including to divert to Oaxaca in order for the entire region to appreciate it with all its senses. UNESCO added the historic center of Oaxaca and the ruins of Monte Albán to the list of World Heritage sites in 1987. Large parts of the state have also been recognized as a biosphere reserve such as the “Hierve el Agua” waterfalls.

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Day 1

Arrival in Oaxaca

Welcome at the airport and transfer to the hotel in the city center. In the afternoon, optional walk through the historic center, where you will surely feel injected by the calm and relaxed atmosphere

Overnight in Oaxaca

Day 2

Monte Albán - San Antonio Arrazola - San Bartolo Coyotepec

Your trip to Monte Albán begins at 10:00 hours

Today you come to the world of the Zapotecs and Mixtecs. The grandiose ruins on an artificially flattened ridge are surrounded by a crown of terraces, houses, temples, and tombs. The simple population once lived at the foot of Monte Albán.

They will be waiting for you at the hotel reception and depart for Monte Albán, the most important archaeological site in the region.

You will walk through small streets to the top of a mountain, where you will experience the largest and perhaps most beautiful Zapotec city. From up here there is a unique panoramic view of the surroundings and the city.

After exploring the property, you will be taken to a local restaurant (La Cabaña del Indio) for a regional meal.

In the afternoon, visit the small town of San Antonio Arrazola, internationally famous for its imaginative wood carvings. The colorful animal figures have been made of papier-mache since 1936 and were called “Alebrijes” by their inventor Pedro Linares. Today this popular art has lovers around the world.

Then it continues to the Ex-Convent Cuilápan de Guerrero , which was founded in 1555 by the Dominicans. It is one of the oldest buildings built by the Spanish in the state of Oaxaca. In particular, the architecture of the nave of the church associated with Santiago Apóstol captivates with its elegant and clear lines. Oaxaca’s archaeological finds are now archived and investigated in the cells of the ancient monks.

At the end, visit the San Bartolo Coyotepec ceramics. What is special here is the black color of the ceramic. This technique was developed by Doña Rosa in the 1950s. At that time, the pots were used as containers for mezcal. Today they are only decorative. Observe how the potter uses the Black Clay, a special black clay, to make amphoras, figures and other beautiful objects. Typical shine is achieved by polishing with quartz before to the firing process.

After this eventful day, you will be taken back to the hotel.


Overnight in Oaxaca

Day 3

Mitla - Tule – Hierve el Agua - Teotitlan del Valle

Breakfast at the hotel

Today you start the day with a visit to the Tule tree. Between Oaxaca and Mitla is the quiet community of Santa María del Tule, where the famous Tule tree is located. This Ahuehuete tree is considered the most voluminous living tree in Mexico. It is approximately 2,000 years old and has a circumference of more than 36 meters.

In the center of town, you will visit a small church next to which homemade liquor is sold (a real insider’s tip).

Then you head to the Hierve el Agua limestone waterfalls. You will drive from Oaxaca to the town of Xaaga, which is located in the Mitla mountains. From here, walk along forest trails in the Sierra Madre to the springs and sintering terraces of Hierve el Agua. Besides the Turkish Pamukkale, these are the only natural spectacle of this type in the world.

“Hierve el Agua” means “boiling water” and even if some bright spots suggest that the water is really boiling here, the mineral springs are pleasantly cool. You should definitely take a dip in this natural pool, where you can relax after a strenuous walk. Enjoy the impressive view over the surrounding area and waterfalls – the height difference is around 500m.

After this eventful excursion, we offer an optional lunch (buffet), where you can fortify yourself with regional dishes at the restaurant “La Choza del Chef”.

In the afternoon visit the Mitla archaeological site (46 km south of the city of Oaxaca).

The ruins are mainly from the last two or three centuries before the Spanish conquest. Mitla’s buildings were built by the Zapotecs; The group of columns with the ”Patio de las Grecas” in particular is one of the most outstanding aspects of pre-Hispanic architecture in Mexico. Mitla was one of the most important religious centers of the Zapotecs. The ruins of Mitla are not as impressive as those of Monte Albán, but they are still very interesting: especially due to the huge amount of well-preserved ornaments.

The meaning of the “lugar de los muertos” has not yet been clarified and shows how much knowledge is lost in the darkness of history. Then return to Oaxaca with a brief visit to a mezcal distillery.

Of course, the famous worm (Gusano del Maguey) should not be missing during the tasting, which, by the way, is a caterpillar.

At the end of the day, visit the weavers of Teotitlán del Valle. In Teotitlán del Valle you can see the dry and freshly dyed wool threads waiting to be processed. The coloring is done with natural products. The whole place specializes in the production of rugs, and each family, mostly of Zapotec origin, has its own style and master weaver.

After this awesome day, you will be taken back to the hotel.


Overnight in Oaxaca

Day 4

Oaxaca departure

After breakfast, optional walk to the main square and transfer to the airport or bus station.

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Tour: Magical Oaxaca

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