Delicious food everywhere

Rundreise Urlaub Mexiko Reisen

Our trip was very pleasant and interesting with many experiences that we really enjoyed, especially the delicious food.

We liked the excursions with Guadalupe a lot, we felt her enthusiasm for nature and her way of share your knowledge with us.

The coordination of the guides in each place was very well organized, they always complied with the planned schedules. The Tours were very informative and the guide honored our special requests. We did a lot of exercise (hiking, cycling, swimming …)

The walk to Cerro del Gallego we did not like so much. The view there was excellent, the information was good, but we would have liked if we could have combined it with a hike. Linguistically it was also a challenge because we were in a group of 8 people and the tour guide could not answer us immediately like Guadalupe did in Barrancas.

The quality of the meals everywhere was very good, especially on board the Chepe train and the food at the Hotel Mission in Cerocahui was first class.

Thank you so much for everything.

Individual Travel from A. Lock during New Years Dec 17 / Jan 18

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