Chihuahua and the Copper Canyon

Yesterday we were very happy and satisfied to return home from our trip to Chihuahua which was wonderful!

Thanks for the excellent organization, everything went perfectly.

We really liked El Fuerte, we barely recognized Bahuichivo and Cerocahui, both have grown, as well as the Mission, only that There used to be apple trees, now it is a wine growing region. One used to go to bed with a candle, now there is electric light. Again we were very impressed by the Barranca de Urique, spectacular!

Without a doubt, we really liked the Posada Barrancas hotel, there are many activities to do, especially if you combine them with rest and relaxation, we would have loved to stay one more night.

We found the visit to Creel interesting, since we still did not know it, however we would not return. The train ride to Chihuahua takes a long time, but the wagons are very comfortable.

Miguel Ángel in El Fuerte, Raúl in Cerocahui and Guadalupe in Barrancas and Creel, all the guides are extraordinary, in addition of excellent people.

This trip stays with us. Thank you Amalia for the excellent work, we will definitely recommend Amapa Tours and their offer. All the best for 2017!

J. Hinrichs

Hinrichs family individual trip in December 2016

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