Waterfall and valley of the monks

A valley full of magic "The Valley of the Monks" in Creel, Chihuahua

… Now we are at the last stop on our tour of Mexico. We have loved this wonderful country very much.

We felt very safe during the trip. The great enthusiasm for life, the respectful treatment of their hosts, the cleanliness, the excellent climate, the natural beauties, the cultural heritage,… all that is wonderful.

The trip was wonderfully organized. It was very successful that the highlights of the train tour were combined with the car rides through the canyons. This gave us a complete picture of how the cannons are made. Another key point was having finished the trip in the city of Chihuahua. As a result, we saw other landscapes (waterfalls) and agricultural regions (huge apple orchards) and got a glimpse of the Mennonite world.

Our trip with Amapa Tours started in Los Mochis. …

We would like to thank you and your agency for the wonderful tour with the Chepe Train and the visits to the impressive canyons and other natural beauties. Everything went smoothly. The stops in Bahuichivo and Posada Barrancas were very well chosen. We had enough time to drive to where we had the best view of the mighty canyons. When driving to the viewpoint towards the Urique Valley, tourists should be warned that the route is

very winding and very rugged. We had no problem with that, but that trip is not for everyone.

We are particularly happy to have had Guadalupe by our side as a guide. He has a great knowledge of the region, its people and its history, which he explained to us in great detail. He is very polite, courteous and very personable.

We also have a lot of fun together. Guadalupe assisted us with the assignment of a room at the top of the Mansión Tarahumara hotel with a view of the canyon. Unfortunately, the sunrise was ruined by a thick layer of clouds.

He also showed us his “favorite place” in the Valley of the Monks. Here the fascinating rock formations dazzled us. … Guadalupe is also an excellent driver. Very sensible, careful and considerate. We feel very comfortable in your car. Guide and driver to bring these two things together so perfectly, not everyone is so successful!

When we said goodbye very early today, the three of us were sad. At least one small tear 􀂣 flowed from each of U.S.

We also thank you very much for the detailed description of the tour, it helped us a lot during the trip and we

we prepare in advance for the best moments.

We want to personally thank you once again and wish you all the best.

Ingrid and Manfred Laue, January 2017

Ingrid and Manfred Laue individual trip December 2016

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