Trip to Chihuahua and La Paz

Get to know the Copper Canyon region.

Dear Amalia:

Thank you very much for organizing our trip to Chihuahua and La Paz.

We enjoyed the holidays as much as we could in the days of the Coronavirus. The uncertainty we had was whether we would be able to finish the trip in La Paz, since our trip was during the days when the access of European tourists to the city was limited. That affected a little our mood. We were almost the last foreign tourists to arrive in La Paz and therefore seemed quite unwanted. But, of course, that had nothing to do with Amapa Tours.

We were enthusiastic about the organisation, the response time to our questions, We had the feeling that someone was mentally accompanying us from Germany.

Also the punctuality of the guides was incredible. We had never experienced that in Mexico before. The quality of the guides was great. We felt that we were in very good hands at all times.
One or two things could be changed for our next trip:
We recommend all tourists to include as many stops during  the trip as possible to travel on the Chepe Express train. We drove with the regional train and could not see the most spectacular section of the whole route because the train was two or three hours late. That was, of course, a big disappointment.
From Hotel Misión we were taken too early to the station and had to wait almost two hours in the cold and rain.
A suggestion for the Parque de Aventuras: They should emphasize more to the families about the weight limits for activities in the park (45kg). We had great expectations and could only take the cable car ride because our daughters are too young. Unfortunately, there was also not possibility to do a tandem trip with the ziplines as is usual somewhere else . But this is only a recommendation for the future.
We highly recommend Amapa Tours at all times!
Thank you very much, Amalia!
Best regards
Trip to Chihuahua and La Paz. Family Lück Family trip from 14 to 27 March 2020


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