Train journey with the Chepe Express

Train ride with the Chepe Express

Hello Mrs Navarrete,

we will gladly inform you  that our train journey with the Chepe Express, the overnight in El Fuerte, Cerocahui, Divisadero and Creel was wonderful. Everything was well organised and worked very good. We really enjoyed the train ride with the Chepe Express and our  private tours by car.

The guides were able to share their knowledge well. The wonderful Canyons on the one hand and the different, fascinating rock formations in the “valleys”, which  also are used agriculturally by the Tarahumara, make a great combination. We are very happy that we saw this region in Chihuahua. Not to forget the waterfall in Cusarare and the lake “Arareko”.

The hotels were Mexican, typical and also original, the food was also delicious! Your restaurant tips in Creel we gladly followed!

All in all, our expectations were fully met and we will remember this trip for a long time.

Train journey with Chepe Express.

Travel January 2020, family Gerlach

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