Traditional Mexican crafts

Mexican crafts handmade by the Rarámuris ladiess

Dear Amalia.

That you return from a well motivated trip is without a doubt the best thing that can happen to you. This trip has had a good effect for months! It was a wonderful and impressive moment from start to finish in a very harmonious small group, where we had the opportunity to bring us a memory of traditional Mexican crafts.

I think what fascinated me the most is that, on the one hand, I was captivated by the stations that I already knew and, on the other hand, that every day we did something totally new. They were completely different experiences.

Our tour from Los Mochis to Chihuahua with a detour to Casas Grandes was planned in a varied way: We visited many impressive places, some interesting towns and buildings (all the hotels were very special too!), We got a glimpse of the indigenous and Mexican world of today and ancient cultures in archaeological sites.

We were invited by families who taught us how to bake tortillas or the old technique of painting on ceramics, we were even allowed to try both for ourselves.

In some places there were additional excursions that undoubtedly, they would have been worth visiting on an even longer trip. For the time we had available, the places were selected perfectly and the length of our stay in some places was adequate. We were able to start the day calmly, rejoicing knowing that we would do a different activity from the day before. (Without having to go back to the bus after some photos). Although sometimes we travel long distances, there was no stress of travel or in the train or in the car, the landscapes that we traveled from on board the vehicle were very beautiful, as if to get bored. We also feel very safe on all trips. Not only did our drivers have a very pleasant driving style, they were also very open, flexible, helpful and knowledgeable on various topics.

Conclusion: Amapa Tours through its many years of experience and its direct contacts has created an excellent

tourist product to various destinations in Chihuahua that will leave you fascinated!

Katja G.’s group trip in April 2017

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