Salines and Whales

Gray whale Guerrero Negro

Dear Mrs. Navarrete!

After we have finished our trip to Mexico, we want to thank you for the excellent planning of the part of the trip at your expense. Everything worked wonderfully! The rest of the trip was also a total success. I was an athlete who participated in marathons and we did not know that the Caballo Blanco ultramarathon was taking part in the town of Urique on the date of the trip, we would have liked very much to see it, but that this was my passion, you could not guess.

Room 209 at the Hotel Mansión Tarahumara, despite the fact that to get there we had to do some sport, the view was fantastic. Service during tours and hikes was very good too! Later we were able to enjoy the entire region from our small private plane, while we flew over Álamos.

The excursions to the salt flats and whale watching in Guerrero Negro were also unforgettable.

All went well. Thanks again for the excellent organization.

Anselm and Gabriele Urbanek Private Trip in February / March 2017

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